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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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happened. it is upsetting that it happens everywhere. i am surprised, but i'm not surprised that principal ryan is taking care of it. >> reporter: again five varsity football players have been expelled, and the head varsity football coach has been fired. we understand that he was not aware of the hazing, but it was his responsibility to supervise the children in the locker room and that supervision did not take place, we are told, and the school says that he is ultimately responsible. now, the vallejo police department has been contacted, and parents of the children impacted have been advised that they can contact the plea department if they wish to pursue a police investigation. now we'll have more reaction tonight at 6:00. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. now to new details on the story we first broke at 11:00 this morning. a student in the south bay may face disciplinary action and
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possible criminal charges after a frightening hoax. three south bay schools and thousands of students were put on lockdown for some two hours because there were reports of a gunman on campus. that report filed at cupertino middle school in sunnyvale. after a huge scare, it turned out to be a fake. marianne favro is live with reaction from students and parents. this is just not funny not in this time of so many shootings. >> reporter: absolutely. students were reunited with their parents this afternoon after a very frightening day. i have to tell you i talked to parents and while they say they are frustrated to learn that a student made up the entire story about a gunman being here on campus, they also say that they are incredibly relieved. officers with guns drawn carefully comb cupertino middle school this morning after a student reported seeing a gunman on campus. district leaders immediately put the school on lockdown. >> we were trapped in like a really small closet, our entire
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class. we didn't have like a little barricade. all 33 students were inside this small closet. >> reporter: while hundreds did their best to remain calm, the search continued. sunnyvale public safety officers used bolted cutters to check the inside of a storage shed while other officers navigated their way between classrooms. as a precaution, the district also put nearby homestead high and west valley elementary school on lockdown. the district informed parents by e-mails and phone calls about the lockdowns but told them not to come to campus. suzy mole waited nearby. >> she's a cute little girl. and i would think her and her friends are probably a nervous wreck. >> reporter: after 2 1/2 hours police release a major development. >> through further investigation, we have determined that the initial report has been false. the student has recanted their statement and there was never anybody on campus with a weapon. >> i'm really shocked, actually,
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that a student at, you know, cms, cupertino middle school, would actually put themself out there and cause so much grief to all their fellow classp mates' parents because for me, just me alone, i probably got about 50 gray hairs for this. >> reporter: parents rush to pick up their children 90 minutes before school is usually dismissed, holding their kids tight, embracing their mutual sense of relief. investigators are now working to determine if the student who made up the story about the gunman will face any criminal charges, especially given the incredible response. 25 officers showed up here at the campus for the lockdown. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a man with a history of mental illness is in the hospital tonight after being shot by a deputy in the east bay. the sheriff's office says that deputies responded to a call on frederickson lane in dublin after a man said his 28-year-old
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son was acting strangely. when deputies arrive they say the son charged at them with a large rambo-style knife. a deputy shot the suspect and took him into custody. >> this has happened before. this happened about a month ago where his son came out with a knife and officers showed up. he was actually in the street. they got him to drop that knife that time, but obviously he wasn't dropping the knife this time. >> the suspect is expected to survive. the deputy is an eight-year veteran of the force. right now san jose police are looking for some suspects involved in a deadly stabbing attack. a man was found stabbed multiple times near southside drive and hope street in san jose last night. four or five men approached the victim and attacked him just before 8:30 last night. police still have to figure out what motivated all this. >> typically in a gang-related incident we'll hear some sort of gang epithets being uttered. none of our witnesses reported
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hearing anything like that, although when you have a group of people that attack someone, it certainly sounds that way, but we don't know yet. it's too early to tell. >> the suspects were last seen leaving the area in a gray-colored van. this is the city's second homicide in two days and the third death of the year. well, parents in antioch are being warned to keep a close eye on their kids after an attempted kidnapping outside of school. police say yesterday afternoon a man tried to lure a fifth grade boy into his car near sutter elementary. the man said he was sent by a relative. the boy said, i don't know you and walked away. he's said to be driving a light blue '70s here ra car. san mateo county now plans to hold its own buy-back program this weekend. the events have seen a huge turnout including this one in marin county earlier this month. so many guns were turned in the county ran out of money and had to issue ious. the san mateo event will run
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from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the fairgrounds. owner will get up to $200 for assault weapons. police stress that no questions will be asked about any gun turned in. california state senator jerry hill introduced a bill to change the way the state deals with wildlife. that proposal comes in the wake of last month's shooting of two mountain lion cubs in half moon bay. they were just 4 months old and they were shot after they were found hiding under a porch. this new bill would require game wardens to use nonlethal force when dealing with mountain lions in suburban areas unless there's an imminent threat to human life. it would order them to work with wildlife groups to care for injured mountain lions. now you'll have to start feeding the meters on sundays. if you don't, parking tickets are about 72 bucks downtown and 62 in other parts of the city. the city's 29,000 meters will be active from noon to 6:00 p.m. on
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sundays. the city approved the plan last april. meters run by the port of san francisco, which include the embarcadero has already been charging for sunday parking. the quest for six and a possible problem for your super bowl party. oh, no, the national chicken council is reporting that 1.25 billion chicken wings are consumed during super bowl sunday, but get ready because there could be a shortage this year. >> chicken experts said, have no fear, there will be enough wings, but you can expect prices to go up. jim, this means you're going to be buying. >> yes, i'm buying and buying big, everyone. we'll have someone investigate that story much more closely. nine days away from the game everyone's talking about, ravens and 49ers in super bowl xlvii from new orleans with the vince lombardi trophy on the line. that quest continues for san francisco. the 49ers wrap up their practice schedule. the next stop for them, a trip
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to the big easy where a media circus awaiting their arrival for the biggest sporting event in the world. coach jim harbaugh doesn't want his team to get lost in the big hype. >> i want them to enjoy it. i want them to enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. and that's the most exciting thing to look forward to is playing the game, that ball being kicked off. and working together, fighting together, playing together for a chance to win the championship. >> we will play this game at this level want to get a chance, you know, to get to the super bowl, you know, much hard time but we knew that we had the right fellas in here and we know we got the right guys leading us and we're taking advantage of it. >> and we're going to take
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advantage of being in the big easy all next week starting sunday live shows right here on nbc bay area news. that will do it for now. i'll be back at 6:00, a complete report from santa clara. >> okay. we expect to see those wings. here's something you haven't seen. the newest colin capper nick t-shirt. the shirts feetier c ieier kaep face. >> we'll have more journalists on the ground in new orleans than any other local station. you can catch the reports on air and on we have the perfect for them, the finished t-shirt. just done. a perfect day to wear it. so sunny outside. kind of nice, kind of warm. let's check in with rob mayeda.
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>> we saw that 49 are golden sunshine. a mild if not muggy afternoon. temperatures still in the 60s, but get ready for a winter-like blast on the way for the weekend. we'll let you know if you need your imbrumbrella coming up. >> titanic turnaround. how little red envelopes have sent netflix soar into the black. >> an international tycoon who made headlines. he sits down with raj mathai. and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes.
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in health matters it's being called a modern-day miracle. doctors have been treating a baby girl with part of her heart born outside of her chest. she was immediately rushed into surgery where doctors covered her exposed heart with skin. you can see her heart beating
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just under her skin. her mow now places a pink protective shield over her chest to protect her as her heart grows. her mother said today is the day she's been waiting for. >> a very, very big step. it's been a blessing to be able to say that we're finally going home. she doesn't have a sternum. she doesn't have anything over her heart besides skin and a little muscle. >> she's a fighter. she still needs oxygen and uses a feeding tube, but she's strong and defying all the odds. eventually doctors plan to use a portion of her rib bone to build a sternum. >> that is remarkable. well, the flu is increasing in the west and the centers for disease control and prevention says flu activity remains widespread across the country. bring on those home remedies. a cold toddy with orange and lemon juice, ginger and honey and a little dash of liquor. obviously it's not medicine but even physicians are intrigued by
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it. serving up a scoop might make you feel better faster. doctors recommend fevers and juice. since fevers can dehydrate you. the effects of emotional stress on prostate cancer in mice. researchers found stress not only accelerated the cancer but also reduced the effectiveness of treatment medications. when mice were given beta blockers to relieve their anxiety, stress did not trigger tumor growth. hundreds of thousands gathered in washington, d.c., to protest the landmark roe versus wade supreme court decision that legalized abortion in f irtrimester. the anniversary of that decision was on tuesday but because of the inauguration organizers moved their rally to today. president obama has named foreign policy aid mcdonough as chief of staff. mr. obama calling mcdonough a trusted adviser who serves with
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integrity. since the president's arrival in washington as a senator. he now becomes the president's fifth chief of staff. it is one of the fastest and most impressive tech turnarounds we've seen in a while. netflix roaring ahead after some said it was practically irrelevant. we're here with a look inside the company you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> netflix was left for dead last year when it subscription rate hike and its botched attempt to spin off another company left its stock price reeling and users unhappy. but the company went back to work and this week delivered very strong results, a jump in both subscriber numbers and profit. enough to send its stock price soaring. the company's ceo admitting it made mistakes in the past but will continue to try new things in the future. >> we're a swing for the fences company. we want to do great things. and you know, occasionally if you swing for the fences, you're going to strike out. and quickster was that strikeout, but we're still swinging for the fences.
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>> lots of original programming to take on the likes of hbo and showtime. all costing netflix a lot of money but investors seem confident that enough people will subscribe to keep the company profitable. netflix stock has jumped over 70% over the last two days alone helping the broad s&p 500 move above 1500 for the first time since december of 2007. he's a silicon valley pioneer creating an antivirus software company that bears his name. but these days john mcafee is more known for making headlines about a murder in belize and his very unconventional lifestyle. raj mathai traveled to portland. and true to his character, mcafee doesn't hold back. >> is your story, you pick which way we should lean on this. the story of a one-man implosion or the story of the rebirth of john mcafee?
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>> well, you know, you have to decide that yourself. >> i might. but i'm asking you. >> you know, i don't feel like someone who has imploded. you know, i feel like someone who's been through a lot, and much of what i've been through, you know, is actually not much worse than my first marriage. so you know, it's not like something tragic happened to me. some drama happened to me. i took care of myself. i escaped. i am here. >> not some drama. this is a lot of drama. >> for you a lot of drama. >> against you, a drug culture, hoaxes, teenaged girlfriend, a lot of drama. millions of dollars. that's not just some drama. >> hear what else mcafee tells raj about his early days in silicon valley. how money changed him, those teenaged girlfriends and what mcafee knows about the death of his belize neighbor, that's all tonight at 6:00. going in depth with john mcafee.
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sunny outside. hopefully we'll see a repeat this weekend. here's rob mayeda. >> hopefully we'll get sunshine, but much cooler than we saw today. we got close to 70 degrees. one of those places close to 70 early was san jose. right now looking live off to the east, a few clouds. we did have a few hilltop showers earlier, but now as the sun sets, the instability is backing off and those showers are starting to shut down. 61 degrees in san jose, 63 in morgan hill. tomorrow's highs very likely ten degrees cooler than today. so it does look like we'll get sunshine tomorrow, just not nearly as warm as today. breezy, too, a cold front dropping into the north bay, that will crank up the winds and we'll see a mixed bag for the weekend. showers mixed with sunshine, not a lot of rain, but the thing that everyone's going to notice are the high temperatures in the low to mid-50s saturday on into sunday, then the pattern resets back to another dry pattern
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early next week. as we see here, a few showers in the south bay. that was out by mount hamilton. but now that moisture that is kind of making a mess of the forecast coming up out of southern california, that is starting to move on. but behind it now which is the kicker to the system is the area of low pressure, the cold front dropping into the northern california coast and behind it all the popcorn-like clouds off shore, that's much cooler air. temperatures very likely cold enough for snow levels in the sierra. if you are going to head to the high country may drop as low as 3,000 feet. chilly changes for the weekend. because this is a system dropping out of the north, it's not going to have a lot of rain, but it will drop our temperatures down mid-50s tomorrow and very likely low 50s for highs come this afternoon. in the north bay, you may notice a few of those scattered showers. notice mainly cloudy skies which should keep our overnight temperatures mostly in the 40s. not too bad. tomorrow you can see a few hit and miss showers.
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around the south bay widely scattered showers. so we'll get the sunny breaks but our temperatures will be quite cold. rainfall protections not impressive at all. it will be just enough to crack the umbrella out for a brief time or wet the windshields, but not as much rain as we've seen in the last couple of days. but the temperatures really that's the big story coming down for the weekend. mostly cloudy skies overnight. then heading on into tomorrow. instead of upper 60s for highs, mid to upper 50s around the south bay with a few hit or miss showers across the south bay. as long as that cold trough is set up, we'll have to leave some showers in the forecast. high temperatures around the trivalley tomorrow, mid to upper 50s around san francisco. blustery day with that wind out of the northwest. you'll see highs in the mid-50s, cooling a little bit more on into sunday. so there you see the hit or miss showers in the forecast. i think probably till monday morning, then that trough will lift off to the east and temperatures will climb up once again, which is fairly unusual for this time of year.
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this is normally the wettest and snowiest time of the year for the bay area, but it does look like we'll get into february with more dry conditions. a little chilly, though. >> thanks so much, rob. >> live daredevils offering inexpensive family fun.
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today we got a close-up look at the repair work being done on the damaged bay bridge fender that was hit by that tanker truck two weeks ago. crews began tearing away a 40-foot section of damaged wood, plastic and steel from the base of the western piling. the empty tanker struck the barrier on a foggy morning on january 7th. the repair work is expected to last about four months at a cost of $3 million. caltrans says the cost is high because the work is risky. >> it's difficult work. you're standing here on a barge, and sometimes you can get the wakes of larger ships.
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that can make it a little bit tricky to do work. any time you are working on water, you have your work cut out for you. >> caltrans is seeking reimbursement for the work from the ship's owner. a state investigation is under way into the barge pilot who was navigating the ship at the time. oh, check that out. high riding daredevils taking over coliseum. loads of dirt were brought in to transform the home of the a's and the raiders for a track suitable for those riders. competition kicks off at 7:00 tomorrow night and tickets start at $10. do not try to do that in your own backyard. >> good to sigh that.
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the weekend is here, hopefully won't be a washout. >> no, it won't be a complete washout. we're going to see a chance of showers dropping in right now in the north bay. hour by hour to give you an idea what your what to wear forecast will be tomorrow, brief showers expected along the coast, but highs today upper 60s, tomorrow mid-50s. cooler. that winter sunshine across the weekend. then 60s comeling back for the forecast. >> enjoy your weekend, everybody. see you at 6:00 tonight.
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